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Personal Details

Our first priority at is to provide our clients with the industry’s most secure and safe environment. We do not share any of your personal details with any third-party or sell, trade-off, rent, or any other action, without your official permission, unless required to do so by law. We are committed to keeping all of your personal information 100% confidential.


Internet Cookies & Statistics

At any time that you visit our website,, your browser details, such as your IP address and additional browser statistics, may be tracked in our system. These details may show other web pages that you have clicked links while visiting at our website. The reason why we log this information is to better understand what information on our website attracted you the most versus what pages on our website did not interest viewers. By applying this information, we develop our services to provide clients with information suited to their needs. Additionally, we utilize cookies in our statistics to understand what pages our viewers clicked on most during their visit. Our cookies are only applicable to our pages and we cannot see what other websites, outside of ours, you have visited. Clicking on advertisements or outbound links on our site may result in these external sites placing cookies on your computer and this will then fall under their privacy policies and agreements.

Third Party Affiliation

At, we have developed partnerships with specific companies that are linked to our website. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the privacy policies of these company websites are the same as ours. We encourage our viewers to assess and thoroughly read the Privacy Policy on those websites when visiting as we have no control over their privacy policies and security practices.

Privacy Policy Modifications has the legal right at any point in time, to make alterations to our Privacy Policy without notifying you prior. By accessing our website, this is your official consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Date last modified: 26 April 2021

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