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As your mother might have told you, practice really makes perfect! That’s true for roulette too: knowing how to play the game without the risk of losing your bankroll on expensive mistakes will definitely help you get those wins! 


Roulette Tips and Tricks

Roulette Tips and Tricks

What better way to boost your strategy than with a few quick and easy roulette tips? Check out our collection of the small things we wished we’d have known when we started playing. You’d be amazed at how a few little pointers in the right direction can change your gameplay!

Check out our collection of roulette tips and tricks and know what to do and to get those wins!

The Best Mobile Roulette

Take Your Roulette Gameplay Mobile

Who said roulette had to be played in just one location? Thanks to this range of the best mobile roulette casinos, you can easily take your roulette gaming with you, anywhere and everywhere!

Check out our best of the best mobile roulette casinos, and keep your gaming going, wherever, whenever.

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    The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Roulette Casinos

    Of course! This is how you can get those awesome roulette wins! Every one of our recommended roulette casinos (handpicked by us, just for you!) has a solid range of real money roulette games. Browse through the list above, and check out the roulette section to see if it has what you want. We also think you should check the free play options, just so you can practice your strategy before you commit your bankroll to a game you might not know how to play.

    You can, and we really advise that you get in some free play roulette before you use your bankroll (see the FAQ above). All of our recommended roulette casinos – a list we regularly update – have a whole range of free play roulette options. Some roulette casinos might need you to create a player account quickly before you can access the free play games. Others will let you play the games without ever needing to sign up! 

    There are, indeed. We’ve seen games at roulette casinos spanning everything from the traditional to the more ‘out there’: from multiple roulette wheels to multiple roulette balls, and to different variations using an extra ‘00’, changing the odds of winning a little. If you’re looking for the ‘standard’ or most recognized roulette game, that would be European Roulette. Every other version of roulette stems from this one. 

    That’s a good question, and it really depends on the type of player you are, and the type of roulette game you’re playing. We say you should always read the rules of any roulette game you’re playing, as well as read up on our roulette tips and tricks

    To put it shortly: no. Unlike slots, roulette is partly a luck-based game, and partly a skill-based one. The skill part comes in when you make your bets, and in knowing how each different roulette game works. The best advice we can give you to hone your roulette strategy is to practice your game in free play mode before playing a new game. Always read the rules of the variation you are playing before wagering your money. 

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), you can’t really cheat at roulette. The past wheel spins don’t influence any future spins, and you can’t learn to (for example) card count like you would in blackjack. This is where roulette becomes impossible to cheat at, which is a pretty good thing for players!

    While the answer to these questions really depends on your preferences and playing style, we can tell you that with roulette at least, you can improve your strategy and influence your wins (to some point). Because slots are a completely luck-based game, you won’t be able to influence your wins and outcomes. Roulette has certain betting strategies you can learn to do, which will help you to be smarter and (hopefully) win more!

    You can learn some roulette strategies, like the Martingale strategy and Reverse Martingale. It’s a bit tricky to learn, so we don’t really advise you to attempt it unless you’ve read up on it a lot, and then practiced it a lot in free play mode. 

    It’s great that you want to practice, and you can easily do this when you choose the free play version of the roulette game you’re interested in. Free play is a great place to try new things out, as your bankroll isn’t affected, because at first, you might lose a lot more than you win! Still, one word of warning: when you do (hopefully) end up winning in free play mode, that money won’t be yours to keep! 

    We have a whole page of roulette tips to give you, but the main things we think you should know are: keep an eye on your bankroll, check the roulette casino you want to play at for bonuses to boost your bankroll, check out free play mode and practice until you have a solid grip on the rules of the game, make sure you read those roulette rules, and never ever chase your losses, however tempting it may be! 

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