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The Ultimate Guide to Casino Dealers

But who are these people? How do you become one? Is it as fun a job as it looks? Here’s your guide to casino dealers, which we’ve updated for 2023. 

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Your Guide to Casino Dealers

Sure, casino dealers look like they have a tough job, but how hard is it, really? Is it a good living? Here’s your quick casino dealer guide, for everything you always wondered (but never found the time to ask about): 

  • Casino dealers can make around $23,000 a year on average, and if it’s legal to do so in your state, can also pull up some nice tips to round out their income! 


  • To become a casino dealer you need to train a LOT. There are schools available (even online) that train you in the casino dealing profession and run for around 6 weeks. Student casino dealers will learn everything about the industry — the rules of each game offered, procedures, and regulations. Since these change from state to state, casino dealers might even have to undergo refresher courses if they move casinos!


  • You don’t need more than basic numeracy skills and a good personality to become a casino dealer. Casinos also look out for clear demonstrations of diplomacy and communication skills (all the better to handle those bad losers and dealer-blamers!), as well as trustworthiness. 


  • Dealers usually only need to specialize in one game at first, and then will train in other casino games once they’re ready and have worked at a casino for a while. 


  • Casino dealers working on cruise ships actually earn a higher salary than their land-based counterparts and often earn higher tips. Life at sea is tax-free!

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    The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Dealers

    The ability to count, to handle customers, and a good personality are what top online casino dealer schools say makes for the best casino dealers.

    It’s super unlikely because if they did, they’d be out of a job! There’s also a lot of casino security nowadays, even online, so it wouldn’t make sense for a casino dealer to even try to cheat (because they’d be found out very quickly!).

    Dealers can make around $100,000 a year if they work in a big city! Obviously, working at smaller, regional casinos won’t pay that much but still, that’s a pretty good salary!

    They’re mostly paid based on their level of experience, and also get a few tips thrown in from happy players!

    Most casinos make casino dealers split their tips with the other casino dealers who had a shift on the same day.

    This is for security reasons — it’s to show the cameras that they don’t have anything (chips or cards, etc) in their hands when they leave the table at the end of their shift. 

    It’s the casino’s way of keeping the dealer fresh and alert because if a dealer makes a mistake it’s going to get pretty costly for the casino! 

    That would be the director of operations, shift managers, and any testers and auditors. A lot of casino dealers go on to do these jobs after they have several years of experience.

    It depends. Most casinos hire casino dealers who have experience at least one game, and blackjack isn’t usually the game most dealers start with, as it requires a lot of quick thinking. 

    It’s to show players they have one last chance to bet, especially if the players at the table don’t speak the language of the casino or have headphones in! Hitting the table shows that the casino dealer is about to make a move.

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