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Blackjack Tips You NEED To Know for 2023

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled this range of blackjack tips so you can hit the ground running and make your wins go further!

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Blackjack Tips For Every Player

If you’re looking for the quickest blackjack tips so you can start playing ASAP, then we have them for you right here! This is what we’d call a basic blackjack strategy, although, for details of actual blackjack strategies, we have you covered there too!

  • Always stand when you have between 12-16 in your hand and the dealer has a 2-6. 
  • Always hit when you have 12-16 in your hand, but the dealer has a 7-Ace. 
  • Always (always!) split Aces, 10s, and 8s, if you’re lucky enough to get them.
  • When you have an Ace and card less than 6 in your hand, hit or double them. 
  • Don’t pay insurance. It gives the house a whopping 6% edge!
  • Always check the dealer’s up card before making a decision on your next move. 
  • Watch your bankroll — play free blackjack at first if this is an issue for you. 
  • Don’t ever chase your losses. You’ll end up losing more.

Play Free Blackjack

The best way to practice your games, and especially the tips we gave you above, is to play free blackjack. You won’t be risking your bankroll but you will be learning what works best for you! 

Understand (and Play) Blackjack Strategy

Learn A Top Blackjack Strategy

Those tips we just gave you are a drop in the ocean of the world of blackjack strategy: learn a strategy, put it into place, and watch those wins come rolling in.

Play Blackjack on the Go

Play Blackjack on Mobile

The best way to keep practicing is to play blackjack on the go. It’s truly an experience that we think every player should have at least once!

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    The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Blackjack Tips

    It really depends on the player, but we’d say really practice your game in free blackjack, keep an eye on your bankroll, and learn a blackjack strategy. These three blackjack tips will really help you to make your game go much better and increase your chances of winning! 

    This actually depends on the dealer. If they have a lower value card (2-6), you should stand. If they have a higher value card (7-10, or Ace), then you should hit. It also depends on whether you have an Ace or not.

    If you’re looking to practice your game, strategy, or are trying out a new variant, then you absolutely should. Free blackjack is the best way to do this, as you’re playing completely risk-free.

    Yes! Check out the tips we’ve given above, but also take note that you should always test yourself by playing free blackjack if you’re a beginner player.

    That’s totally up to you to decide! You should check out our blackjack strategy page and see the kinds of strategies available to you to play, choose one, and then get practicing! 

    These really depend on the specific game of blackjack you’re playing, as the rules vary between them. Always make sure to check out the blackjack game’s rules before starting playing (or, if you play in free mode, learn from any mistakes you make).

    No, we don’t, and actually, there’s no way to cheat at online blackjack. Whether you’re playing against the computer or against a human in live blackjack, there’s no way you’d be able to cheat.

    You can, and we think everyone should experience the thrill of taking your blackjack game out and about with you.

    The short answer is, in most games, yes. The longer answer is you’d need to check the game itself and pay attention to the house’s edge. You also need to pay attention to the dealer’s hand before making a decision.

    If the game you’re playing allows you to, then we say: always! This is the best way to play two hands at once, and soft hands, at that! 

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