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If you want to know every single move you should make in any given blackjack situation, welcome to our free online blackjack calculator! 


This is the best tool around to help you understand, memorize, and use blackjack strategy to help improve your chances of winning! We’ve spent years refining it based on your feedback and present to you the most updated version of it to help improve your game and (more importantly) lower that house edge!

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Playing blackjack is pretty straightforward, but knowing what to do in any given situation is a whole other matter entirely. Enter: the free blackjack strategy calculator we’ve built for you! This is pretty easy to use and learn from. Here’s how you do it:

  • Choose the dealer’s card from the dropdown list. 
    • A quick note here: if you’ve ever played blackjack, you’ll know that your entire strategy depends on the cards the dealer draws. You should always be reacting to the dealer’s card, not making your own decisions! 
  • Choose your own cards. 
  • The blackjack calculator will then decide what your best move is, depending on your cards and the dealer’s. 
  • Learn the move recommended for you, and then click ‘reset’ to start again with another hand! 

It’s a super simple, super effective way to make sure you get your game right each and every time! 

We’ve created an algorithm to show you the best move in every single blackjack situation. We calculate this by analyzing the potential dealer upcard and the two cards you hold. 

One important thing to note, however, is that this blackjack calculator will be able to help your game, but it probably won’t lead you to get a blackjack every single time. Having said that, it’s the best way to ensure you have the best blackjack odds once you start playing! 

We’re sure you have more questions, and for that, we’ve given you an extensive frequently asked questions section below to help you understand the hows, whys, and whens of the blackjack calculator! 

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How to use this blackjack calculator

This blackjack calculator will help teach you the correct play to make for every scenario possible. Our advanced algorithm allows you to customize different table rules so you can make the best informed decision to beat the house.

 Click to choose the dealer’s upcard

 Click on your first and second cards

 Click on calculate

 Click on reset to start over

 Click on clear to reset only your cards

Why is this the best blackjack calculator?

After looking around at other blackjack sites, we saw how complicated their blackjack calculators were and outdated they looked. If you’re a beginner, you’ll most likely get confused and never want to try again. So we made the user interface easy to follow and gave it a modern look.


The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Blackjack Calculator

It’s a way to calculate your blackjack strategy, no matter the situation you’re given. Since the entire game of blackjack revolves around what the dealer has in their hand, we’ve worked out algorithms to reflect and respond to every card and hand you might have. The blackjack calculator is a learning tool for you to get the best odds you can, and you should use it to learn and then play your game according to what it suggests for you. Remember, some blackjack variants might have certain other rules, so use this as a basic blackjack strategy guide, and always read the rules before you start playing a new variant.

It’s one of the easiest tools to use online: you need to select the dealer’s up card, then choose the card you have, and the blackjack calculator will recommend to you whether to hit or stand according to what’s selected. It’s super easy. When you want to check another hand, just hit ‘reset’ and repeat the process again. It’s a much easier way to get your game right than printing out and consulting a strategy chart each time you need to make a move!

Unfortunately, it’s important to note that while our blackjack calculator can teach you a lot about how to play the best blackjack hand, mathematically, it’s just that: a tool. It will show you which are your best winning odds from a mathematical point of view but won’t be able to guarantee your success. After all, there’s another card that the dealer’s holding, right?

No. Counting cards is an in-house strategy that some players learn how to implement extensively to try and reduce the house’s edge by guessing which cards will come next for the dealer and for themselves, and then using that information to either hit or stand. It’s a painstaking, difficult process, and frowned upon in most casinos. That and card counting is completely useless when it comes to playing online, both against the computer and against a live dealer. The blackjack calculator calculates the probability of what you need to do when the dealer has a certain card, letting you know what your best next move is.

We’ve purpose-built this online blackjack calculator for you after we’ve done extensive online research. What we found was a lot of blackjack calculators promising to be the best, but were actually super complicated to use and outdated looking, therefore, as the saying kind of goes, we decided to fix what was clearly broken! 

It really depends across each of the different blackjack variants, but the blackjack house edge is usually around 8%. We’re sure you’ll agree that that’s insanely high and although there are ways around it. That’s why we encourage you to learn a little blackjack strategy and then use this online blackjack calculator. Once you do, you can bring the house’s edge down to as low as 0.5% (obviously depending on the variant’s rules).

You can, but we think the blackjack calculator is a quicker, easier way to learn and implement a strategy. Strategy charts are usually full of numbers and have tiny columns. When you’re in a stressful situation and need to make a move in a fast-paced game, they probably won’t help your game and will only stress you out more. Using the blackjack calculator is far quicker and easier. 

The blackjack calculator will give you a great understanding of what to do in any given situation when you’re playing more standard variants like European Blackjack. When it comes to blackjack variants with more complicated rules, such as Perfect Blackjack or Blackjack Surrender, the blackjack calculator might miss an opportunity to surrender. For other variants like Blackjack Switch, you’ll be able to learn when to double or split. Remember, you should always practice any new variant you come across in free play mode first and make sure you really understand the rules of playing.

Our entire mission here at is to ensure you as a player have everything you need to play the best blackjack online. Not only that, but the better you get at the game, the happier we are. Our entire mission here is to help you. Besides we’d already created the blackjack calculator, so hoarding that knowledge just for ourselves when we could so easily share it (and help improve millions of players’ blackjack games) is just a nice thing to do.

Yes! Once you understand how to use it, the blackjack calculator allows you to easily and quickly pick up what you should do in any given situation. Using it wisely will help you understand which cards to play and how to avoid busting, which will not only lower the house’s edge but also help out more and more often! Remember though — practice makes perfect, so we always recommend you start off in free play mode and really hone your skills before taking things to real money mode and making those wins!

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