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How to Win Using Roulette Odds

The thing is, these change according to the specific game of roulette you’re playing! On this page, we’ll go into what you need to know, as well as how to make those odds work for you! 

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Roulette Odds You Need to Know for 2023

There are a few things you need to know, before you can even begin to understand roulette odds, much less make them work for you. 

The first thing is, different roulette games have different odds. Of these odds, they’re written as x to 1, which means it’s possible to win ‘x’ amount for every $1 you bet. So if a roulette odds says ‘35 to 1’, you’d win $35 for every $1 you bet. 

The easiest way to calculate roulette odds is to divide the number 36 by the number of squares your bet covers. So if you’ve bet on one square, divide it by one. If on four, divide it by four. Subtract 1 from the number you end up with and that’s your roulette odds! 

So, for example, if you bet on three numbers, divide 36 by 3 = 12, subtract 1 = 11. Your roulette odds are then 11 to 1. If you bet $10, you’d win $111! 

Outside bets (odd or even, red or black, halves of the table) will give you a higher set of roulette odds, usually around 1 to 1. 

Inside bets (on specific numbers) are a little more tricky and could have odds of up to 35 to 1!

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    The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Roulette Odds

    Check out our advice above. Generally, we think it’s the ‘En Prison’ rule in European Roulette that will give you the best odds, even lowering the house’s edge to just 1.35%! 

    That would be placing a bet on a single number, which will give you odds of 35 to 1, but it’s very tricky to actually achieve this (remember, roulette is a game of luck).

    Since it’s just one number, the odds would be 35 to 1. Remember, if you’re playing American Roulette, those odds fall to 17 to 1 (as there’s that extra 00 on the table).

    These would be the ones that give you a 50% chance of winning — the outside bets. Bet on odds or evens, reds or blacks, highs or low.

    We’d say – start off by playing for free, to see the types of bets you’d like to make. Then, start with outside bets, and of course, the best place to start on the European Roulette table.

    You can, but if you do, then you’ll probably lose more money than you ended up winning! This is why we say stick to outside bets if you’re a total beginner — you have a 50% chance of winning each time!

    For higher chances of winning over other variants, try European Roulette. Otherwise, any new roulette game you play should be played in free mode first. This is just to double-check that your strategy works before you commit your bankroll to it. 

    You shouldn’t avoid any roulette games! But you should know that in American Roulette, your odds are slightly lower because the game has an extra ‘00’ number, which increases the house’s edge of winning.

    Higher odds mean you stand to make more money if you win, but those odds are higher because they’re harder to actually win from! Lower odds will give you lower payouts, but that’s because it’s more likely you’ll win on them.

    Easily! Check out our roulette strategy page for some more guidance, and when you’re ready, play in real-money mode to make those wins (and get to keep them). 

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