Gambling Addiction: Know the Signs

We all react to online gaming in different ways. For some of us, it’s an outlet, for others it’s purely fun. However, especially during 2021, we need to be more vigilant about how we respond to others who may have an unhealthy relationship with gambling.

Here are a few signs you should be on the lookout for:

  • Secretive behavior. Problem gamblers often keep their gambling activity (such as how much they’re playing or spending to fund their habit) a secret from loved ones.
  • Having trouble controlling gambling times: problem gamblers might have trouble leaving a session, feeling compelled to gambling more until they literally can to fund their habit.
  • Gambling without resources: when it comes to gambling addiction, many problem gamblers know they have an issue, but can’t help gambling away their resources (even when they know that money should be used on rent, food, etc).
  • Noticing people are worried about you: especially nowadays, noticing people worrying about someone’s gambling habits specifically is a big sign that something might not be right.

Expand Your Hobbies

It might be trickier nowadays, but finding other outlets such as exercise, craftwork, or other creative pursuits can help someone feel less compelled to gamble.

Speak to Someone

Join a Support Network

Especially around the US, there are thousands of Gamblers Anonymous groups available. Find a local one or join online and feel supported.

Seek professional help

Take Care of Mental Health Issues

Mental health can and mood disorders can also be underlying issues. Seeking professional help to understand where a gambling addiction is stemming from can go miles to keep someone happy, healthy, and not gambling.

Strengthen Your Support Network

Sometimes, all it takes is speaking to a friend or a loved one to help gambling addictions become less severe. Sharing is caring, and an empathetic ear can go a long way to relieve the problems that may be a result of someone’s gambling activity.

Restrict Deposits

Most online casinos nowadays have ways to restrict deposits, setting a budget to a certain amount per day, per session, or otherwise. These settings can be found at the cashier.

Take a Time Out

Online casinos usually have the ability to block an account — a ‘time out’ from activity. These settings can be found either on the ‘Gambling Responsibly’ page or from a player’s account page.


The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Gambling Addiction

It’s not in itself, but people with gambling addictions usually have an underlying mental health disorder driving them to gamble compulsively.

It really depends on the person. Making sure they’re occupied, are supported, and are seeking treatment for the issue are great ways to get started. 

Studies have proven that problem gamblers get a huge helping of dopamine (the happy hormone, also seen in drug abusers) whenever they get their ‘hit’ of online gambling.

Gambling addiction is an addiction — just like other addicts who may know what they’re doing to themselves, it can feel impossible for them to stop of their own accord.

They can and they do, but it’s important to note that players can also block their own player accounts, as well as set deposit limits for their player account.

Not at all. But with gambling addiction, the person still has the buzz and the compulsion to try and chase losses, even if they keep racking up.

It shouldn’t unless someone has taken loans with which to gamble.

It’s an addiction. That means someone is displaying problematic gambling behavior and can’t stop of their own accord, as much as they might want to.

Check out the signs we’ve listed above, but also know that if you see missing money from bank accounts, credit cards, or a lot of strange behavior around money and financial matters, it’s worth investigating this further.

Be kind and patient, while being assertive and focusing on the issue at hand, and not their past behavior. You can easily Google more resources from trusted gambling addiction websites.

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