How to Cheat at Online Casinos: A Guide

Here’s a quick roundup of the ways you could try to ethically ‘cheat’ casinos, and still have fun in the process!

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Casino Cheating: What You Need to Know

Firstly, you should know that we would never encourage any casino cheating. It’s not ethical, and besides that, it’s super hard to do! Online casinos (the ones we work with and recommend to you) have a whole suite of protocols and regulations that protect them from being cheated. However, there are still some things you can do to ‘cheat’ at online casinos: 

  • Bonus hunting: check out our bonus guide to find all the best bonuses and know the types of bonuses you can get! There’s nothing stopping you from taking all the bonuses you want to, but remember that when you want to cash these out, you’ll have to study the terms and conditions. 
  • Using online tools to up your game: our Blackjack Calculator is by far the best way to cheat the online casinos because you’ll be lowering its house edge. Using the calculator will show you the best moves to make in every situation!
  • Improving your skills: ok, so it’s not quite a ‘cheat’, but it is a way of getting better at casino games (the skill-based ones like Blackjack anyway) and beating the house at its own game…literally.

Find Top Casino Bonuses

Who says you can’t have all the bonuses on offer? Check out the bonuses we’ve rounded up for you and cheat the casino by taking their money (and use it to play).

Get Bonuses, No Deposit Needed

Grab No Deposit Bonuses

The best way to cheat casinos? Take their no deposit bonus! Here’s a handy list of all the best ones around, because who doesn’t love something for no deposit? 

Play Those Free Spins

Check Out Free Spins

Not only can you get something for nothing at a casino and cheat them that way, but you can really get a lot of returns on some good old free spins! Check out the best of the best, right here!

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    The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cheating Online Casinos

    Not at all. The online casinos we work with are highly regulated with all kinds of security, meaning you won’t be able to hack into one.

    Unfortunately. Online slot machines are governed by a Random Number Generator, so they pay out randomly. 

    Of course! We’ve seen lucky winners time and time again, which is why we’d never recommend you try to cheat an online casino! 

    There aren’t. Because if there were, everyone would be using them, and then no one would actually win at online slots, as there wouldn’t be enough money to support everyone’s wins!

    Perhaps if it was a less reputable one with less security. The only online casinos we work with are the ones that have proven security features and standards, and these ones won’t be hackable in any way! 

    It’s a bit of a longer answer than this, but in short: play games with the lowest odds (like online blackjack), and go for the games with the biggest wins (like progressive slots). Also make sure to take bonuses to boost your bankroll, when you can!.

    Any of the casinos we’ve recommended to you! We’ve personally checked them all for top encryption and safety.

    You can take a no deposit bonus to boost your bankroll, and you can also play the games on the lowest bet setting so your bankroll lasts longer! 

    Unfortunately not. Slot machines pay out randomly, so there’s no way to cheat them.

    By taking bonuses where you can, finding the best games, walking away once you win, and not chasing your losses.

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