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Blackjack players prefer smartphone game play
Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are used on a daily basis for online gambling. Players love to be able to play their favorite games when and wherever they choose.

Blackjack pro headed to court on cheating charges
Anargyros Karabourniotis is a poker player and all-around gambler who are known for his blackjack play. Called Archie Karas for short, the player must now head to court to face charges for cheating.

Casino fined due to illegal blackjack play
When a person is banned from playing at a casino, the casino must protect the player. Most casinos across the country have a list and if you are included for some reason by the casino or if you place yourself on the list, the casino must make sure that you do not gamble.

Blackjack gaming increases on mobile tablets
Mobile gaming has created a new genre for the gambling industry and millions of people now take part in the option. From casino to poker and sports betting, players now have many options when it comes to mobile gaming.

Pennsylvania Casino Launches New Blackjack Tables
The game of blackjack will forever be a constant when it comes to casino gaming. Players always want to be able to play the game and hopefully hit 21 to earn a nice cash prize.

Blackjack Mobile App Goes Live at Paddy Power
Mobile applications are becoming a vital part of online gambling. Players want to be able to wager on their favorite games via a mobile device.

Las Vegas Sands Makes Major Changes to Blackjack Games
The Las Vegas Sands continues to makes decisions that are not gamer approved. The company has been working hard to keep players from having the opportunity to take part in online gambling in the US and now the company has decided to make changes to blackjack games.

Blackjack Saves FedEx According to CEO
An interesting story has reached readers of Quora and has gotten many people talking about the game of blackjack. Marc Bodnick, the Co-Founder of Elevation Partners, has stated that the CEO of FedEx, Fred Smith, actually saved the company while playing blackjack.

Blackjack bonus opportunity at Win Palace
Top online casinos offer players optimal opportunity to earn extra cash via bonuses and promotions. Players love to take advantage of such opportunities so that their bankroll can continue to grow.

Blackjack Player Loses $500,000 and Sues Casino
Normally when a gambler visits a casino they wager a little cash and then go home. Most times, players are able to wager a certain amount and even if they lose, they are not affected.