Shuffle Master creates new shuffling device

Shuffle Master is a large company in the gambling industry that creates and develops automated products for land casinos. The group also markets their products and manufactures them as well. The group provides these products throughout Australia, Europe and the United States and their products are considered top of the line.

One such product the company provides to land casinos is a card shuffler. This device was created to cut down on time in-between hands in such games as blackjack and poker. The shuffler can take about ten minutes off of each hour which is good for those who gamble on a regular basis.

The automatic shuffling device created by Shuffle Master is used by many land casinos and they are constantly coming up with updates to keep the games moving along. The devices are also good to keep card counters at bay since they are unable to see the cards as they are shuffled. The device shuffles the cards internally so no card is visible to the eye.

The newest card counter created by Shuffle Master is actually inside a table. The new table has been configured to fit any type of casino table game including blackjack. The table has a built in shuffler and it will also be able to electronically track bet sizes. Three is a screen attached to the table which will suggest the best possible play for the dealer as well as the amounts that the winners will earn.

The table also has the ability to read the suit of each card as well as the value. The new table will be optimal in preventing any form of cheating by the employees as well as the customers of the casino. The table also is able to maximize the number of hands that are dealt per hour. The tables are most likely to do very well at land casinos and we should see them integrated in the casinos very soon.

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