Max Rubin

Gambling expert Max Rubin made his career as a professional casino gambler and gambling analyst. He was perhaps best known for his authoring of “Comp City: A Guide to Free Gambling Vacations”. One of only twelve members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, Rubin speaks frequently at various engagements, offers televised gambling analysis, and has performed consulting work with many top casinos, including Harrah’s, Mirage, and Hilton Casinos.

A 37-year veteran of casino gambling, Max Rubin is a humorist who refers to himself as the “Undisputed Overweight Comp Champion of the World”. His literary work, “Comp City: A Guide To Free Gambling Vacations”, reveals how players can take full advantage of casino comps – free drinks, food, accommodations, airfare, and other perks – by presenting the illusion of being high-action Blackjack players. The book depicts how a player can appear to be wagering more chips than they actually are to convince casinos they are worthy of such comps, as well as describing low-level card counting techniques to deliver casinos with the old ‘one-two’ punch.

Rubin has also written more than 100 articles for a number of gambling-related magazines – some serious and some with a more humorous edge. His television career ranges from commentator to host of several nationally televised programs. Rubin has made appearances on ’48 Hours’ (CBS), ‘Breaking Vegas’ (The History Channel), and the ‘World Series of Blackjack’ (GSN). Rubin took on Anthony Curtis in a math-versus-luck battle on ‘Sucker Bets’ (The Travel Channel) and is currently the gambling expert and colorful commentator on the hit CBS series, ‘The Ultimate Blackjack Tour’.

Max Rubin

Max maintains an ongoing working relationship with Lakeside, California’s Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino, home of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Rubin assists in the training of dealers and other casino employees to recognize card counting techniques and other critical strategies used by many players. The Barona Casino does not actively run card counters out of its casino as Max has taught them his belief, which is that most card counters can’t actually pull it off, therefore will lose in the end anyway.

Books and Publications Authored by Max Rubin:

Comp City: A Guide to Free Gambling Vacations – 1994, revised 2002
Casino Gambling For Dummies – 2006

Books Co-Authored by Max Rubin:

American Casino Guide – 1997, revised in 2000 and 2006

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