Arnold Snyder

When it comes to the game of blackjack, Arnold Snyder ranks at the top as an extremely insightful and influential person. As a professional blackjack player for over thirty years, Snyder’s forte has now become author and expert. He continues to be a successful winner in tournaments and has appeared with a concealed identity on The Travel Channel and was in a 2003 video documentary on card counting, title The Hot Shoe.

As the editor of an online trade journal, Blackjack Forum which began in 1981, Arnold Snyder provides quality and specific information for not only fellow professional players but for new players as well. The element in his forum’s success is that all of the information is put out for free and on his own time. His purpose is to educate you on making money gambling, plain and simple.

Arnold Snyder is an avid supporter of professional gamblers and blackjack teams having rights, especially where the law is concerned. He feels it is important to allow professional blackjack players to utilize their aptitude for card counting at casinos. Interestingly enough Snyder has been called to testify as an expert witness in several court cases concerning the rights of blackjack hole-card and dealer-tell players. In fact, one prominent court case in 1994 was against Tommy Hyland, professional gambler and blackjack team manager. Arnold Snyder’s testimony was instrumental for Hyland and for the legal right to blackjack team play in the United States and Canada.

Arnold Snyder
Blackbelt in Blackjack

The Blackjack Hall of Fame placed him as one of their first inaugural players. He was awarded this honor for his successful career as a blackjack player and for pioneering many gambling techniques now essential to the game.

Ever the consummate professional and not pleased with simulated software programs already on the market, Snyder sponsored a simulated blackjack card counting software titled PowerSim Blackjack Card Counting Simulation Software which is available at no cost to players. He was adamant about the software is true and accurate to educate about rules, strategies, correct tools, and comparisons, calculations of odds, bankroll requirements, most favorable bets, and success rates.

Combine PowerSim with his Blackjack Forum, every gambling technique is covered. Snyder’s Blackjack Forum Professional Library contains hundreds of articles authored by and about prominent professional gamblers with lessons for everything from blackjack card counting, shuffle tracking, ace sequencing, hole-carding along to several other tricks and trades of the gambling for online or brick and mortar casino play.

The following is a list of books authored by Arnold Snyder:

  • Blackbelt in Blackjack
  • Big Book of Blackjack
  • How to Beat the Internet Casinos and Poker Rooms
  • The Blackjack Shuffle-Trackers Cookbook: How Players Win (And Why They Lose) With Shuffle Tracking
  • The Blackjack Formula
  • The Over/Under Report

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