Everyone in the world knows and understands what a police station is. Even children know that a police station is where police officers are based and it is where they get 911 calls and where they operate. Since this information is public knowledge, one would think that drinking too much alcohol would not change this fact in anyone’s mind but apparently in Nebraska, that is not the case.

A twenty one year old man from Oregon, most likely a college student, recently had a little too much to drink and was walking by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln police station, when he went inside. The man was not there to report a crime or incident, he was there thinking he had walked into a casino. The man asked the front desk clerk if he could purchase a few blackjack chips.

The front desk clerk informed the man that the police station was not a casino. The young man then left the police station. However just a few minutes later the man returned and police officers went up front to find out what was going on. They found out that the man though the police station was a casino and he wanted to play blackjack.

Police officers decided to test the man’s blood alcohol level and they found that he blew a .273 which was above the legal limit. Police decided to take the man into protective custody. The man had not committed any crime and was not arrested however police officers felt it was in the man’s best interest to be placed in detox.

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