PokerTek is a gaming company that develops electronic table game solutions and distributes them to gambling operators. The company has been very successful as of late with their Blackjack Pro offering. The company has installed several of the blackjack tables in June and they are planning on continuing to install the gaming tables in the coming months.

Blackjack Pro has now been installed almost one hundred times at both land based casinos and cruise ships as well. The game has become quite popular with players so more operators are requesting the installation of the game.

The demand for the blackjack game has increased to the point where PokerTek now has to create more products to reach the demand. Mark Roberson the Chief Executive Officer for PokerTek commented on the demand by stating:

“Demand has exceeded our inventory during this initial rollout phase with our available supply now fully absorbed. In response to the favorable product performance and customer demand, production is underway to provide additional inventory for second half installations.”

Roberson went on to say: “Blackjack Pro continues to perform exceptionally well in the field, and player feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The successful launch of Blackjack Pro on the ProCore platform opens up tremendous new opportunities as we diversify our product line and expand our installed base.”

ProCore is new hardware that was developed by PokerTek. The new blackjack game is the first one to operate on the new platform and has done very well. The game is a six seated table game that is automated. The game plays by the standard blackjack rules and one to six players can play at the table. Operators are able to configure the limits and rules of the game to customize it to their needs.

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