Win More Cash Using Blackjack Betting Strategies

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Blackjack is a fun and exciting game with a low house advantage, and rules that are easy to follow. Yet, you need to use a sound blackjack betting strategy to increase your winning potential, while limiting your inevitable losses.

When using a sound betting system, you can increase the money you win while on a winning streak. But, you can also limit or possibly recoup your losses from a losing streak, depending on the types of betting method you prefer.

How the House Gets Its Advantage

Blackjack is about individual hands and using them to beat the dealer’s hand.

If your primary goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without going bust, you will lose more bets than you should.

When you play blackjack, the house wants you to try to get 21 on every hand, and lets you try to hit the high score first. That’s because the house knows you will lose many times by trying to get to 21—when you could have stayed with a lower score and possibly won.

Because you have to go first when you play against the house, you run the risk of going bust before the dealer has to even look at his or her hand. That’s how the house gets its advantage in blackjack, which is typically about 4 percent.

Skilled gamblers, though, can lower that advantage to a very low 0.5 percent through smart, consistent play. When combined with a sound blackjack betting strategy, skilled gamblers can turn huge profits off of their winning streaks.

Here’s a look at some of the more commonly used blackjack betting methods for gamblers.

Flat-Betting Blackjack Betting Method

The most widely used blackjack betting strategy is flat-betting, which is a simple concept that helps players to grind out profits.

Flat-betting just means you bet the exact same amount of money every hand. That way, you exert more control over your bankroll and don’t impose unnecessary risks that lead to steep losses.

How much you wager depends on how many hands you hope to complete, and the amount of money available. To find the ideal wagering amount, you simply divide how much you have versus how many hands you might want to play, such as 50.

The result is what you can afford to play each hand. Meanwhile, you use your gambling skills to churn out more wins than losses. The only time you would deviate from the flat-betting method is when you would have an ideal double-down situation.

While flat-betting enables players to grind out profits by playing wisely over a large number of hands, it limits how much cash you can win during your winning streaks.

How to Use Basic Blackjack Betting Strategy

In order to win more cash during winning streaks and recoup more cash from losses, gamblers have created what amounts to two types of blackjack betting systems.

Those are positive-progression and negative-progression betting methods for blackjack wagering. The idea is to mine your winning streaks for more cash while limiting your losses on losing streaks.

The positive-progression system can put a lot of cash in your pockets during a winning streak. While the negative-progression blackjack gambling method is more designed to limit how much you lose during losing streaks.

Neither system is ideal, but both have modified advanced wagering systems that can make it easier to maximize your potential winnings.

Positive-Progression Wagering

As the name implies, a positive-progression betting system is one in which you increase your wager for each hand you win.

As you win more hands in succession, you continually increase your wager, until you finally lose a hand. Once you lose a hand, you revert to the original wager.

The idea is to keep using that same wager until you start another winning streak. Then you start increasing your bets once again until you lose a hand.

The positive-progression wagering system does more than maximize your potential cash from winning streaks. It also limits the amount you might lose when you endure a losing streak.

Yet, to profit from a positive-progression blackjack betting system, you need to carefully weigh how much you increase your bets and know when to walk away from the table. If you just keep adding your winnings to the next wager, eventually, a loss will wipe out the money you gained during the winning streak.

That makes discipline and careful wagering critically important to succeed with the positive-progression wagering system for blackjack.

Negative-Progression Wagering

The negative-progression blackjack betting strategy is one that requires a lot of cash in order to be successful.

The idea behind it is to keep increasing your bet on the next hand after you lose the prior one. The amount by which you increase your bet is up to you. Eventually, you will win, and your winning bet, however large it might be, will recoup much or all the cash you lost during a losing streak.

Then, you revert back to your original wager.

So long as you keep winning, you keep laying the same bet. But, once you lose a hand, you start doubling your bets, until you win again.

If you don’t have a large bankroll to absorb losses, the negative-progression betting strategy will not work. Instead, it will wipe out your entire bankroll. That makes it important to play a very smart game and limit your mistakes to avoid self-inflicted losses at the blackjack table.

Now that you have a better understanding of the basic gambling methods for blackjack wagering, it’s time to take a look at some more advanced versions.

Oscar’s Blackjack Betting Method

During the 1960s, mathematician Allan Wilson created Oscar’s betting system for blackjack.

The idea is to profit one betting per series, and playing several series per outing. If you win on the first hand, you have a single unit of profit, and the series is complete. Then, you start a new series.

But, if you lose on the first-hand of a series, you lay the same wager on the next hand. If that hand is a win, you are back to even, but your series is not complete because you do not have your profit.

So, you need to add a betting unit. If you win that wager, you have your single unit of profit, and the series is complete.

A series requires careful tracking of your wins and losses in your head so that you know how much to wager after a win to give yourself the chance to profit one unit and complete your series.

When using Oscar’s blackjack betting strategy, it is possible for a series to last only one hand, or potentially dozens, until you win your single unit of profit and complete the series.

The Martingale System

The Martingale blackjack betting strategy is adapted from a negative-progression system used by many professional roulette players. Interestingly enough, the Martingale system was created by some unknown gamblers in France during the 17th century.

With the Martingale system, you double your wager every time you lose, but bet the same amount after you win.

The idea behind it is someone with a virtually limitless bankroll always can absorb losses during a losing streak by wagering enough cash to win it all back when your luck finally changes.

That works great when you truly have a limitless amount of money available, but even relatively small bets can turn into very large ones during a modest losing streak.

For most bettors, the Martingale system is too costly to try. Yet, it does have some applications that you might try on a smaller scale at times during your games.

Rather than doubling all losing wagers, it might be wise to pick your moments and double down when the hand looks more appealing.

Final Tips on Blackjack Betting Methods

The prior methods for betting on blackjack games are just a handful of many versions people like to try. None are foolproof, as luck always plays a large role in their outcomes.

But, when combined with sound blackjack playing strategy, the betting systems do help you to better control the runs that inevitably occur.

When you have a streak of bad luck, the Martingale and similar negative-progression wagering methods for blackjack can help you to stop your losses and get your money back.

During a winning streak, a positive-progression betting method will help you to win the most from your lucky streaks when playing blackjack for real money.

Those looking to grind out profits likely will have the most success using Oscar’s betting method and win more money one series at a time.

No matter which betting method you might prefer, they all require disciplined play to limit the times you undergo a losing streak. If you don’t combine your betting strategy for blackjack with a sound playing strategy for the game, you are simply riding hunches and playing against luck.

A better plan is to combine smart play with the right type of gambling strategy for blackjack, and you should increase your win frequency by checking out blackjack reviews.

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