Blackjack Bluebook

Blackjack BluebookThere are many books available that discuss the game of blackjack. One such book is the Blackjack Bluebook by Fred Renzey. The author is a high stakes expert poker player and has written several books on gambling with different sub topics. The Blackjack Bluebook was first published in 1996 by Chicago Spectrum Press and then released in 1998 with an updated cover. The updated cover has a subheading to the title that reads: “Featuring beginner, intermediate and advanced level strategies for the game of “21”.

The book is divided into three sections and each section discusses various stages of blackjack and the information that goes along with those stages. Section A is the first part of the book and it discusses the nature of blackjack and why players choose to play the game. It also discusses the rules of the game as well as going over the house edge during the game.

The next section of Blackjack Blue Book is the B section. It contains information on blackjack myths. He goes in to detail on the various myths of blackjack and what is fact and fiction. Also discussed in this section is how gambling works-what makes people want to gamble. Section C is next and it is the strategy portion of the book. Basic blackjack strategy is reviewed as well as proper strategies. Borderline blackjack hands, as well as the high card/low card axiom is discussed.

The last section of the book teaches players about counting cards. Information on how to keep track of the cards is in this section as well as the key card count and the black ace count. This section also contains information on the art and science of skillful play as well as recommended reading. The book also contains a blackjack quiz to help readers maintain what they have learned.

The book was written by Renzey to help players improve their games. The book has seven close-call hand scenarios that displays the percentages so that you can make a play depending on what other cards are on the table. He gives these examples to show you don’t always have to hold when you could play with a close call. The information in the book is easy to read and understand.

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