Blackjack Attack – Playing The Pros’ Way

Blackjack attack - Playing the Pros WayBlackjack Attack – Playing The Pros’ Way was authored by professional Blackjack player, Don Schlesinger, with well over 25 years of winning experience in the game of Blackjack. Originally published in 1997, Schlesinger’s book provides detailed insight into real money Blackjack strategies, including advanced card-counting techniques, betting systems, team play and much more.

The first edition of Blackjack Attack offered 268 pages of strategical advice – not bad for blackjack enthusiasts looking to up their gambling profits. A second edition was published in 2000, followed by the third edition in 2004 which nearly doubled in size from the original. Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pro’s Way, 3rd Edition, contained a whopping 515 pages, elaborating harmoniously on the aforementioned blackjack game strategies, covering the rules of blackjack very extensively.

Blackjack Attack – Playing The Pros’ Way is a book for seasoned Blackjack players. Those new to the game, with virtually no knowledge of card counting skills and techniques, would find it hard to benefit from Schlesinger’s work.

The book offers no introduction to the game of Blackjack or the original ideas of card-counting systems. To put it mildly, Blackjack Attack should not be the first Blackjack book a player buys.

Blackjack Attack is for advancing to higher levels of already well-versed gameplay, and is highly recommended for players ready to take that step to the next level.

Among blackjack reviews: Playing The Pro’s Way, you’ll find “Back-Counting the Shoe Game”, where Don describes his mental ponderings as he hops from table to table in Atlantic City casinos.

The frequently misunderstood “Floating Advantage” is explained with distinct clarity, as is Schlesinger’s rationale behind the “Illustrious 18″.

Arnold Snyder, professional Blackjack player and author of a host of Blackjack and poker strategy related novels since 1981, offered his comments on Schlesinger’s book: “In my opinion, Blackjack Attack will become an immediate classic in this field, a reference blackjack book on the game that no serious player can afford to be without.” Snyder, together with Stanford Wong, wrote the foreword and introduction for Schlesinger’s, ‘Blackjack Attack: Playing The Pro’s Way’.

Don Schlesinger is no stranger to Arnold Snyder. Schlesinger spent several years as a featured columnist for Snyder’s digest-sized publication, Blackjack Forum, a trade magazine for Blackjack strategists and card counters.

Snyder started the magazine in 1981, where it eventually moved to an online publication. Schlesinger had been writing for the Blackjack Forum since 1984.

In fact, if one were to compare Schlesinger’s Blackjack card counting and other strategical articles published in the Blackjack Forum over the years, one would come to the obvious conclusion that his original publication of ‘Blackjack Attack’ was simply a revised compilation of those works. Blackjack Attack – Playing The Pros’ Way, is available in both paperback and hardcover. The paperback version commonly retails for $19.95. A special hardcover collector’s edition, printed on luminous paper with a flexible sewn binding and enveloped by a deluxe cloth cover, then covered by an elegant enamel dust jacket, retails for about $40.

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