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Blackjack.orgAt Blackjack.org, our drive is to educate and to keep blackjack players of all levels informed.

By providing comprehensive reviews, gambling and casino advice and the latest industry news and tips, you can enhance your casino and playing experience.

What We Do

The Blackjack.org team provides blackjack players with the all the resources to learn how to play blackjack and to choose the best strategies for their needs. No two players or online casino sites are the same.

By understanding the types of services and games you like and gaining knowledge of the different kinds of games, promotions, bonuses and services that are offered by the online casinos out there, this allows you to identify exactly which casino is right for you and to be the best player you can be!

That’s why a big portion of our site is dedicated to educating you on the game of blackjack including the rules, types of game variations and gameplay tips and strategies. We also offer a variety of blackjack systems to help you get the most for your money.

We’re also on top of industry related news and bring you the latest global casino and blackjack news stories so that you can stay abreast of new games, promotions, legislation, mergers and other relevant information that may assist or affect you as a player.

Who We Are

The Blackjack.org team is a group of passionate online blackjack and casino players with years of in depth knowledge and experience of the business. We know casino and specifically blackjack inside out and we strive to bring you the “low down”.

Not only do we provide quality information, but we also want to assist you in becoming a top-winning player.

Our website is geared to providing you with fundamentals and strategies on how to play, how to beat the system, and how to make the best investments with your bankroll.

Editor of Blackjack.org

The editor of Blackjack.org is Lance Allen, an online casino owner and well versed in the gambling niche for two decades. He has more knowledge about internet gambling than 99% of the competition.

He currently has one of the largest online casinos in the world and has connections with all the biggest online operators. He’s bought and sold multiple online gambling sites and is one of the top experts in the gaming industry.

Who We Cater To

At Blackjack.org, we cater to all players, both young and old, new and experienced. Irrespective of your level of expertise, we have something to help make your gambling experience more enjoyable and a profitable one.

We appreciate you choosing Blackjack.org and are always keen to hear from our guests. We welcome your comments, feedback, and/or questions, so feel free to contact us here…

To great gaming and great luck!

The Blackjack.org Team

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