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Blackjack dealers are constantly in demand. Becoming a Blackjack dealer at a prominent casino isn't as hard as it may seem. All that is required is to know the professional skills involved in becoming a professional Blackjack dealer.

There are schools all over the world that teach these Blackjack dealing skills. Training can even be done over the Internet. In the United States, there are schools from the east coast to the west coast. You don't have to live in or near Las Vegas or Atlantic City to find a good Blackjack Dealer School. Europe, Asia, Australia and the UK offer thousands of Blackjack Dealer Training opportunities.

The salary a Blackjack Dealer can expect is not relatively high - in fact it ranks around that of a school teacher. However, Blackjack Dealers receive excellent bonuses for a job well done and the tips can be enormous. In fact, when a player wins a large sum of money playing Blackjack at a casino, it is common, if not expected, to leave a large tip for the dealer.

The requirements for becoming a Blackjack Dealer are to know the game inside and out; meaning one should be able to look at a set of cards and immediately know the sum. This simply takes practice at playing and dealing the game. Playing at home with friends or family will teach this skill very quickly.

A Blackjack dealer should be able to handle the cards in a professional manner. Maneuvering cards professionally means never, even by accident, should a card accidentally flip over when dealing. If handled properly, this cannot occur.

Handling of money, chips and bets is also very important. The dealer must be able to count and sort each chip amount accurately and quickly. Mishandling of money and chips can cause uproars from customers and a quick expulsion from the job. The Blackjack dealer should have plenty of experience in chip handling to ensure this never occurs.

Automatic card shuffling machines are utilized by casinos to ensure two things; 1) the dealer cannot stack the deck, 2) the player cannot accuse the dealer or casino of non-random shuffling. A Blackjack dealer should have full experience in using an automatic card shuffling machine.

Perhaps the most important skill is customer care. A Blackjack dealer should always be courteous, offering a smile to everyone the meet - players at the table, managers, passersby - absolutely everyone. The Blackjack dealer should remain composed at all times. If a player argues with the Blackjack dealer, never argue back. Apologize and offer a simple, calm explanation.

If this does not solve the situation, tell the player you would be happy to call a floor manager to assist, then do so. Once the floor manager arrives, politely explain the problem. Should the player take it upon themselves to explain the problem, no matter the emotional state of the player, let them do so and do not react. Composure and courtesy are extremely important, as it is the casino's number one goal to keep their clients happy. It is not your job to console an irate player, let the floor manager handle it from here.

Courtesy is not just a job requirement; it benefits the Blackjack dealer as well. Get to know the locals - your most frequent clientele. Players who visit the casino on a regular basis are the ones who play often enough to win large amounts on occasion. These players are the best tippers, so establishing a friendly relationship can be well worth the time.

If you wish to be a Blackjack dealer, you can expect to stand for long periods of time. Blackjack dealers commonly stand in the same position for 40 minutes with a 20 minute break, then repeat the process for the remainder of their shift. The Blackjack dealer's arms will be almost constantly moving, bending at the elbows and waste. Back problems, arthritis, joint pain - these have no place in the Blackjack dealing industry.

It is not required to attend a blackjack Dealer Training School in order to become a professional Blackjack dealer. So long as one can display the required skills, the job can be awarded. However, to acquire these skills at the level that is expected, Blackjack Dealer Training is recommended.

Blackjack Dealer Schools usually offer hands on training in a realistic, casino-style environment. These are the best schools to attend, as the future Blackjack dealer will get a true idea of what the job entails. These schools teach proper behavior, handling of money and chips, how to use an automatic card shuffler and proper card dealing techniques. The average cost of attending a good Blackjack Dealer School is around $1,400. The course generally requires 100 hours of training.

Another good reason to attend a Blackjack Dealer School is job placement. Any respectable Blackjack Dealer School will offer job placement assistance upon graduation.